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Are you having car issues and don’t know what to do? Dedicated Towing & Recovery has you covered.

Towing Services in Eaton

From roadside assistance to impound service, we are a comprehensive Eaton recovery & towing company. Our towing services in Eaton include:

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Roadside Assistance in Eaton

Getting stuck on the roadside with no way to get help can be a nerve-racking circumstance. Luckily trouble on the road is no problem for the premier towing and roadside assistance company.

Dedicated Towing & Recovery can help with all kinds of roadside help. Did you lock your keys in your car? Our team can help you getting into your vehicle. Need a tire change? This is no problem – we offer tire replacements as well. Is your gas out? We will bring you fuel and get you back to moving in no time.

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Eaton Emergency Towing

If you are stuck in a tight spot and need help with towing, we will be there. As a Eaton emergency towing company we can assist you seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

When you are in a tough spot, there’s no need to panic. What you can do is call our 24/7 tow dispatcher and we will send you help quickly. With certified, highly-trained, and licensed operators, you can rest assured we will get the job done right away. Dedicated Towing & Recovery is devoted to dependable towing services to our Eaton clients no matter the sticky situation they’re in.

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Local Towing Company in Eaton

Dedicated Towing & Recovery is a family-owned and operated, local Eaton business. We have offered recovery and towing service to Eaton and Northern Colorado for more than 10 years, and we always put our customers and their needs first.

Dedicated Towing & Recovery has a lot of experience in this industry, and we promise professional and timely services no matter what kind of help you need. As a local, family-owned tow business we understand the value of cultivating relationships with our customers. We treat all of our customers like family, providing the very best services and treatment we can.

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Eaton Roadside Assistance Service

Dedicated Towing and Recovery gives comprehensive motorist assistance. That means we will tow your vehicle anywhere on the Front Range from Eaton to Golden in a pinch. We can charge your battery, transport equipment, and help recover your vehicle after an wreck. Not one thing is outside our wheelhouse, so when you have a problem involving your car and you need fixing, give the Eaton towing experts a call.

Parking Lot Management for Eaton Businesses

Maybe you are a Eaton business manager dealing with illegally parked vehicles or abandoned cars. It might be a parking lot for an apartment complex that some think is a storage facility.

Having to handle these issues can distract your attention from running your small business or running your property. Dedicated Towing and Recovery can tow abandoned or illegally parked vehicles quickly, to leave your lot available for the residents and customers that need it.

If you require parking lot management in Eaton, make Dedicated Towing and Recovery your first call!

Eaton Impounds

We impound cars, trucks and vehicles on various occasions. If you believe we have impounded your vehicle please contact us. In addition we have a vehicle lookup database where you can look through our database for your license plate number or VIN.

We know that having your vehicle impounded is frustrating. Because of this we work with you to get your car back to you as quick as possible. To answer questions about our impounds please call us.

Top Customer Tow Service

As the top towing and recovery company in Eaton, we pride ourselves of customer service. We provide a level of care, value, and service you won’t get elsewhere. No one likes being stuck with car problems, so when you call one of our dispatchers they use out Rapid Response Dispatch System to get you assistance and a quote right away. You will be sent updates through the entire procedure from your towing specialist.

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