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Having auto troubles and need some help? Dedicated Towing & Recovery is on the way.

Family Owned

Family Owned & Operated

With over a decade of experience in the towing and recovery industry, Dedicated Towing and Recovery is guaranteed to provide timely and professional service every time.


Roadside Assistance

If you run out of gas, get locked out of your car, need a tire change, or run into any other kind of trouble, Dedicated Towing and Recovery is here to get you back on the road quickly and safely.


24 Hour Emergency Service Available

On top of our regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.), we also offer 24/7 live dispatching. Dedicated Towing is Fort Collins’ most reliable emergency towing service.

Local Towing Company in Longmont

We are a local Longmont business, family-owned and operated. We have provided towing and recovery services to Longmont and Northern Colorado for more than 10 years, and we always put our customers and their needs first.

We have a lot of experience in this industry, and we guarantee professional and timely services no matter what kind of assistance you require. As a local, family-owned tow business we understand the significance of developing relationships with our customers. We treat all of our customers as our own family, offering the very best services and treatment we can.

If there’s one thing our customers appreciate the most about our tow services, it’s our attention to detail and friendly, professional attitude. Always being respectful to customers and sympathetic to their problems goes a long way. Our commitment to providing support and genuine empathy for our customers is one of the most mentioned aspects of our services in our many client reviews.

Call Dedicated Towing and Recovery now for personal towing service.

Best Tow Company Longmont

Are you looking for a reliable towing partner for all your breakdowns in Longmont, Colorado? Look no further than Dedicated Towing & Recovery! Our team of professionals is here to provide you with unmatched service and expertise regarding towing and recovery services. 

We place a high value on customer service and satisfaction and strive to provide excellent service to all our customers. Contact us today to experience Longmont, Colorado’s best towing and recovery services.

Safe and Efficient Light-duty Towing for Your Vehicles

Dedicated Towing and Recovery is your reliable and trusted partner for safe and efficient light truck towing in Longmont and Northern Colorado. Our team of experienced and professional truck drivers will provide outstanding service that will always exceed your expectations. Whether you need roadside assistance or emergency towing services, we offer fast and friendly service that guarantees your satisfaction.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Accident Recovery Team for Your Safety

When an accident happens, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road, waiting for help. That’s why you must rely on an experienced and knowledgeable accident recovery team for your safety. At dedicated towing and recovery, our team is equipped to handle any situation, and we pride ourselves on providing immediate assistance to our customers.

Our towing services are top-notch, and our truck drivers are trained to get your vehicle to its destination safely and effectively. With years of experience in the industry, we understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to deal with a breakdown or accident. That’s why we offer top-notch accident recovery services to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Emergency Towing Longmont

Longmont Emergency Towing

If you are stuck in a tight spot and need a towing assist, we can handle it. As a Longmont emergency towing company we are able to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you are in a tough spot, there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is call our 24/7 tow dispatcher and we can send you help quickly. With certified, licensed and highly-trained operators, you can be certain that we will get the job done right away. Dedicated Towing & Recovery is devoted to dependable towing service to our Longmont clients no matter the urgent circumstance they’re in.

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, no gas, or a damaged vehicle is hopefully not a situation you find yourself in often. Most of us take the proper precautions to avoid these scenarios, but accidents can happen. When they do, you want an emergency towing service you can rely on. Although we hope it never happens, we’re there for you when it does.

If you’re stuck in a bind and require an emergency tow, give us a call today!

Towing Service in Longmont

As the top recovery and towing company in Longmont, we are proud of customer service. We are committed to a level of care, service, and value you won’t find elsewhere. Nobody likes being stuck with automotive problems, so if you contact our dispatchers they use out Rapid Response Dispatch System to get you a quote and assistance right away. You will be sent updates through the whole process from your tow technician.

From roadside recovery to impound services, we are a complete Longmont recovery & towing company. Our towing services in Longmont include:

Top Customer Tow Service

At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, we understand that when you need towing or roadside assistance, you need it now. It’s especially important if you’re in an emergency situation. We make responding quickly to your request for assistance one of our top customer service priorities.

If you need towing assistance give Dedicated Towing & Recovery a call!

Roadside Assistance near Longmont

Getting stuck on the side of the road with no way home can be a nerve-racking circumstance. Fortunately problems on the road is no trouble for the leading towing and roadside assistance company.

Dedicated Towing & Recovery handles all types of roadside help. Did you lock your keys inside your car? We can assist you to get into your vehicle. Do your tires need a change? This is no problem – we offer tire changes as well. Run out of gas? We can bring you gas and get you back to moving in short time.

Roadside Services Longmont
Medium-Duty Towing Longmont

Longmont Roadside Assistance Service

When was the last time you called a roadside assistance company in Longmont? How’d the experience go? Did you feel like the company cared about your safety, wellbeing, and comfort, or did it seem like they were just going through the motions? When you need roadside assistance, you want a professional who not only knows what they’re doing but also makes you feel better about the situation. You need someone who truly understands the difficulty you’re going through and works as much as possible to reduce it.

We give comprehensive automotive assistance. That means we will tow your vehicle anywhere on the Front Range from Longmont to Denver without a second thought. We will charge your car battery, haul equipment, and help recover your truck after an wreck. Not one thing is outside our wheelhouse, so if you have a situation regarding your truck and you need fixing, give the Longmont towing experts a call.

Parking Lot Management for Longmont Businesses

If you are a Longmont business owner dealing with illegally parked vehicles or abandoned vehicles. It might be a parking lot for an apartment complex that some think is a storage facility.

Having to deal with these problems might divert your attention from actually running your business or managing your property. We can tow abandoned or illegally parked vehicles right away, leaving your lot available for the customers and residents who need it.

If you require parking lot management in Longmont, make Dedicated Towing and Recovery your first call!

Longmont Impounds

We impound trucks, cars, and vehicles on many occasions. If you have reason to believe we have impounded your vehicle please contact us. In addition we have a vehicle lookup database where you can search our database for your VIN or license plate number.

We know that having your car impounded is frustrating. Because of this we work with you to return your vehicle back to you efficiently. To answer questions about our impounds please contact us.

Long-Distance Towing Near Longmont

Getting stranded with your vehicle in the middle of nowhere is never a good experience. If it happens when you’re far from home, it feels even worse. Fortunately, you can call the professionals at Dedicated Towing and Recovery in Longmont to tow you back, even if you’re on the other side of Colorado. We do our utmost to make the situation less stressful and more comfortable for you so when you need a long-distance tow, make us your first call.

Our long-distance towing service covers most of Colorado and even some neighboring states. When you find yourself in a long-distance towing situation, you shouldn’t wonder if we’ll turn down your request because you’re too far away. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile — literally — for our customers.

When you need long-distance tow service, our friendly and professional technicians will be ready to assist you. Give us a call and we’ll start getting you the assistance you need right away.

Small-Duty Towing Longmont
Off-Road Recovery Longmont

Off-Road Recovery Near Longmont

Longmont and the surrounding areas offer plenty of space to go off-roading, either with your automobile or an off-roading vehicle. Many people enjoy going off-roading for recreation, and others need to drive off-road for a construction or other project. While driving through rough terrain can be fun, it’s a pain when you get stuck, or worse, if you get into an off-road accident.

Many towing services don’t offer off-road recovery because it requires more time and specialized equipment to do, but our team members are fully trained and ready to assist you with your off-road recovery. We can come to your location and get your vehicle out of the water or mud, or towed away if it’s no longer drivable. Our team members respond right away, efficiently and expertly taking care of your vehicle and solving your off-road recovery problem. And we’ll do it with friendly and professional courtesy, as usual.

Our off-road recovery service extends to off-road vehicles, cars, and SUVs. If you’re unsure if your vehicle qualifies but you need assistance to get it removed or towed, give Dedicated Towing and Recovery a call.

Longmont Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your vehicle is a frustrating experience, whether you’re parked in the middle of nowhere or the parking lot at work. Lockouts can feel like a big deal when they’re happening, especially if you don’t remember where your spare key is. Fortunately, lockouts are a simple problem that we can easily solve.

When you get locked out of your car in or near Longmont, remember to stay calm. If you’re panicking, you’re less likely to think clearly and come up with a solution. Double-check your vehicle for a spare key — some people keep spares in magnetic lock boxes on the undercarriage. Try every door and the trunk or hatchback, just to be sure you’re absolutely locked out. When you’re sure you’re locked out and out of options, give us a call.

When you contact us for lockout service, we’ll get one of our technicians on-site as soon as possible, wherever you are in Longmont or Northern Colorado.

Small Equipment Transport

When you need to move small farming, construction, mining, paving, or other equipment from one place to another in Longmont or Northern Colorado, you need experts in towing small equipment. At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, we have the experts and the equipment needed to get the job done while keeping your small equipment safe.

We understand the hassle that comes with moving small equipment. You can’t fit it into a standard moving truck and it’s too large to tow with a tow cable. As specialists in towing small farming, construction, moving, or material handling equipment, we have exactly the resources you need. You’ve invested a lot in your equipment and you don’t want to see it damaged during transport. We’ll ensure that it gets from point A to point B safely. We’ll also do all the loading and unloading of the equipment for you.

If you have a piece of equipment that needs to be transported but aren’t sure if it’s considered “small” please give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss it with you!


Comprehensive Roadside Assistance Services in Fort Collins, CO

We offer comprehensive roadside assistance services to ensure your peace of mind. Whether you’re driving your car, motorcycle, or a heavy-duty vehicle, we’ve covered you with our top-notch services. We understand the stress and frustration of unexpected car breakdowns, especially in the middle of nowhere.

With our focus on providing exceptional customer service and fast response times, you can trust Dedicate Towing and Recovery to handle any roadside emergency. 

24/7 Roadside Assistance for All Your Vehicle Needs

At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, we understand that vehicle emergencies can occur anytime. That’s why we offer around-the-clock roadside assistance to handle all your vehicle needs. Our dedicated professionals are trained and equipped to handle towing and recovery services with the utmost care and efficiency.

Whether you need towing due to a breakdown, flat tire, dead battery, or any other unexpected situation, we are here to help quickly and reliably. With our comprehensive roadside assistance, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. Contact us now for reliable and professional 24/7 roadside assistance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common reasons for needing towing services?

There are various reasons why you may need towing services. These include flat tires, engine breakdowns, accidents, vehicle lockouts, and fuel runs. Dedicated Towing and Recovery has a team of experts trained to handle all kinds of towing situations.

What sets your towing and recovery services apart from others?

We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to all our customers. Our experienced professionals are equipped with modern tow trucks and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient towing and recovery process.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety of my vehicle during towing?

We take the utmost care to ensure the safety of your vehicle during towing. Our tow trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and our drivers are trained to secure your vehicle safely. We also follow strict safety protocols to prevent damage while towing or recovering your vehicle.

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