Towing & Recovery Services in Fort Collins, CO

Dedicated Towing & Recovery offers a wide range of towing services, whether you are in need of emergency towing, winching, roadside recovery, battery service, and more!

Tow Services in Northern Colorado

Dedicated Towing and Recovery is one of the best tow companies in Fort Collins and the larger Northern Colorado region because of the wide variety of towing and recovery services that we provide to customers.

Whether you are looking for basic towing and recovery services like roadside assistance, battery jumpstarts, or fuel delivery, or something more complex or specialized like winching, large-vehicle or object removal, or long-distance movement or procurement, Dedicated Towing and Recovery would be more than happy to help you with your needs. Here is a more detailed and comprehensive listing of the most common services that we provide to customers:

Accident Towing and Recovery

Hopefully you aren’t ever involved in a serious collision, but if it does happen, Dedicated Towing and Recovery can help take the stress out of dealing with your needs. After we have secured your vehicle on our truck, we will transport your vehicle to a repair shop or destination of your choice.

Lockout Assistance

All of the technicians at Dedicated Towing and Recovery have the knowledge and the training to handle all types of vehicle locks. This includes the training and experience on how to handle any key problems or vehicle security systems that may arise in both older model vehicles and more modern vehicles with sophisticated technology.

We are aware that people can make fraudulent calls to our technicians requesting assistance to unlock vehicles not belonging to them. We have a policy set in place that ensures that the person we are assisting is the legal owner of the vehicle.

We also take special precautions to prevent damage to your vehicle’s security system as we get you back into your car and back on the road.

Battery Service / Jumpstart

Even the most modern batteries can experience technical difficulties from time to time, leaving you with a dead battery that does not provide any power. Whether you left your lights on by accident or there is a problem with your engine’s charging system or cable hookups under the hood, Dedicated Towing and Recovery can dispatch a knowledgeable technician to get your vehicle back on the road via a jumpstart.

 If your battery has a more serious issue, our roadside technician can help to diagnose what the issue is and assist in getting your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop with ease.

Tire Service / Repair

If you get stranded on the side of the road because of an untimely and unfortunate flat tire or blow out, Dedicated Towing and Recovery is there to help. One of our friendly and professional technicians is available to come change your flat tire for you, examine the rest of your vehicle’s tires and alignment, insect and / or repair your spare tire to ensure that it is safe to drive on, and assist you in getting your vehicle safely to a nearby tire service center for a full replacement.

Winching and Off-Road Recovery

Winch-out services are mainly used to pull vehicles from the roadside areas that are not easily accessible, be that mud, sand, snow, or any other inoperable substance. Dedicated Towing and Recovery has the means and expertise to get your vehicle out of these type of situations.

Fuel Delivery

If your car is ever running low on fuel, it is important to get to a refueling station as soon as possible to prevent being stranded or causing potential damage to your vehicle’s engine. However, if you find yourself running out of gas, Dedicated Towing and Recovery can bring plenty of replacement fuel to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

Give us a call and simply tell us your location and we will dispatch a service provider right away. This service is not limited to running out of fuel, either. If you notice that you are running low on fuel or suspect that you won’t be able to make it to your destination, find a safe location to park your vehicle and contact Dedicated Towing and Recovery so we can get you the help that you need.

Contact Dedicated Towing & Recovery

In addition to these common towing and recovery needs, Dedicated Towing and Recovery also provides Medium and Light-Duty Towing, Long-Distance Towing, additional Roadside Service / Assistance needs, Impounds, Wheel Lifts / Dollies, Parking Lot Management, Flatbed Towing, Toolbox Relocation, and Local Towing.

If you are not finding the towing or recovery service that you need, please give us a call as we provide various customized towing and recovery needs to customers that aren’t listed here at extremely low prices.

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