Lockout Service

Locked out of your car? Dedicated Towing and Recovery in Fort Collins, CO can provide you with speedy, professional lockout service.

Car Lockout Service in Fort Collins, CO

Getting locked out of your car is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. When you don’t have a spare key and you need to get back into your car right away, you can rely on the qualified technicians at Dedicated Towing and Recovery.

We understand the helpless feeling you get when you realized you’ve locked yourself out of your car. We’ve all been there. It feels even worse when you’re stuck in a sparsely populated area, or you’ve accidentally left your car running with the keys inside.

Lockouts can happen to anyone, anywhere. When you get locked out of your car, rather than stressing over how to get yourself out of this situation, give the roadside assistance and lockout technicians at Dedicated Towing and Recovery a call.

What to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

Lockouts certainly feel like a big deal when they’re happening, but you can resolve this problem easily. If you get locked out of your car, follow our tips to get yourself out of this situation:

  • The first thing you should do is stop and breathe. Remaining calm is always better than panicking when you’re trying to find a solution.
  • Double-check for a spare key, or try to remember if you’ve left a spare key with someone else who can bring it to you.
  • Check each door and the trunk or hatchback, just in case one of them isn’t locked.
  • If you want to try the lock yourself before calling us, you’ll need a thin, rigid piece of metal to shimmy into the lock to slide it open.
  • When you’ve run out of options, call Dedicated Towing and Recovery for our lockout service.

To keep yourself from getting into this situation, try to leave spare keys with a trusted spouse, partner, or family member. If you normally use a key fob, open your door with the key every once in a while so you can be sure it still works in case the battery in your fob dies.

Our Lockout Services

The Dedicated Towing and Recovery lockout service is part of our comprehensive roadside assistance services. When you call us for lockout service, we’ll get one of our technicians on-site as soon as possible, wherever you are in Northern Colorado. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency lockouts as well.

Why Choose Dedicated Towing and Recovery for Your Lockout Service?

We pride ourselves on always putting our customers first. We’re a family-owned business that values our customer relationships, and we work tirelessly to provide you with the best experience possible with towing and roadside assistance services. Our clients regularly give us five-star reviews for our professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to customer satisfaction. When you call Dedicated Towing and Recovery, you’re in good hands.

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If you’re locked out of your car with no one else to turn to, contact us today and we’ll help you out.

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