Small Equipment Transport

When you need to move small farming, construction, mining, paving, or other equipment from one place to another, the experts at Dedicated Towing and Recovery can help.

Small Equipment Transport in Fort Collins, CO with Dedicated Towing and Recovery

Towing your small equipment can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper vehicle. It doesn’t fit in a regular moving truck, nor can you tow it with a tow cable. To transport small equipment in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, you need dedicated towing services provided by transport professionals.

Typical towing companies can transport your vehicles, but many do not have the capability to relocate your small equipment. With our state-of-the-art tools and knowledgeable technicians, we can easily and safely transport your small equipment, whether it’s for farming, construction, moving, or material handling.

You’ve likely invested a lot of resources into your equipment and don’t want it to be damaged or ruined when you have to move it from one location to another. We ensure that your equipment makes it your destination without any hassle or damage.

What’s Included in Small Equipment Transport?

At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, some of the small pieces of equipment we typically transport include:

  • Mini excavators
  • Farm equipment
  • Paving equipment
  • Hay balers
  • Tractors
  • Small backhoes
  • Small construction equipment

If you don’t see your piece of small equipment listed, or aren’t sure if your equipment counts as “small” then please give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs in more detail!

Toolbox Relocation and Local Towing

In addition to transporting small equipment in Fort Collins, we can also relocate your toolbox. Large toolboxes may include several heavy pieces that average moving companies don’t know how to handle. As experts in towing and small equipment transport, however, Dedicated Towing and Recovery is qualified to move your toolbox safely. We can transport either your toolbox or small piece of equipment anywhere in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado. If you need long-distance transport services for toolboxes or small equipment, please give us a call.

Why Choose Us for Small Equipment Transport in Fort Collins?

At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, we put the happiness and satisfaction of our customers at the forefront of each of our services. Our technicians are experts at what they do, but they’re also friendly, professional, and courteous to you when delivering our services. Moving small equipment, relocating a toolbox, or towing your vehicle can be stressful situations. We do our best to minimize hassle and frustration for you, so you can focus on getting safely where you need to go.

We are a locally-owned and family-operated business, so you’ll always speak to a person when you call us and we’ll always listen carefully to your needs. We even operate a 24/7 line and offer emergency services to meet your urgent towing and roadside recovery needs.

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