Fuel Delivery

Out of fuel and nowhere near a gas station? Dedicated Towing and Recovery will come to you with the fuel your vehicle needs, no matter where you are in Northern Colorado.

Fuel Delivery in Fort Collins, CO

When your car is running on fumes and you break down somewhere, you’d prefer it to be near a service station. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way and sometimes, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere without any way to move your vehicle. When your car runs out of gas, all you can think about is getting back on the road and moving again.

At Dedicated Towing and Recovery, we understand the frustration and worry that comes with being out of fuel. That’s why we’re there when you need us, delivering fuel or providing other roadside assistance services so you don’t stay in a bind for long. Our professional team members do their best to make you feel safe and taken care of when you have roadside troubles.

Our Fuel Delivery and Roadside Assistance Services

We’ll deliver enough fuel to refill your whole tank, so you can rest assured you don’t have to stop for gas again before you get where you’re going. In addition to fuel delivery, we can provide a range of roadside assistance and towing services:

  • Accident recovery
  • Lockout service
  • Battery service
  • Light-duty towing
  • Medium-duty towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Tire service
  • Local towing
  • Long-distance towing

To find out more about our available services, give us a call!

Light- and Medium-Duty Towing

Our roadside assistance services are catered to your vehicle and situation. A stranded motorcycle won’t require the same services as a box truck, for instance. If your vehicle is stuck and needs more than fuel to get going again, we can tow it for you. With both light- and medium-duty towing services, we’re able to pick up most vehicles that get stranded. Whatever roadside troubles you’re having, the friendly team at Dedicated Towing and Recovery can make sure you get to your destination safely.

Why Dedicated Towing and Recovery for Fuel Delivery?

We offer a wide range of services aimed at getting you back on the road safely, with as little hassle as possible. Our technicians and team members always make your safety, comfort, and happiness their top priority, whether they’re delivering fuel or towing your vehicle. We always maintain a professional, courteous attitude with our customers, and we’ve become one of the top roadside assistance and towing companies in Fort Collins as a result.

Dedicated Towing and Recovery is a family-owned and operated business, so we value our relationships with customers. Our place as a respected local business in the Fort Collins community is also very important to us and we work to ensure we live up to our reputation.

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When you’re out of gas and need to get somewhere fast, give us a call and we’ll deliver your fuel in no time!

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