Things to do in Longmont: Farmer’s Market

Local Food Brings People Together

Eating fresh, locally-grown food is one of the things Longmont locals love about the weekly Boulder County Farmers Market. Every Saturday morning, you can gather at the farmers market in Longmont not only to shop for produce from Colorado farmers but also meet other members of the community who support Colorado agriculture. You’re doing your part to prop up farmers — and having a good time while doing it!

Longmont Farmers Market

In-person and Online Shopping

While nothing beats heading to the market to survey the produce, meats, cheese, and goods and speak with farmers themselves, you can also order products online in advance. The Boulder County Farmers Market website has a curbside pickup system. You can make an account, log in to see what’s fresh and on offer this week, select your products, pay, then pick them up at the market. You can also arrange delivery if you can’t make it out of the house on Saturday morning. There’s no reason not to eat local when the Boulder County Farmers Market makes it this easy!

Fresh Air and Fresh Food

Although online shopping is convenient, heading to the farmers market in person is a great way to get outside and explore Longmont. The sprawling market will take some time to walk through, with many vendors set up offering food, flowers, clothing, and more. The market is located on the Boulder County Fairgrounds so it has plenty of parking nearby. You could also ride your bike and take advantage of the bike valet parking as a more eco-friendly option.

In addition to fresh produce, meats, breads, baked goods, and cheeses, you’ll also find a selection of food trucks selling tacos, iced coffee, and all kinds of treats already prepared. There’s live music and activities for kids to make the experience all the more pleasant for patrons. Every fourth Saturday of the month you can also find an artisan show. Heading to the Boulder County Farmers Market in Longmont is a treat whether you’re a local picking up this week’s groceries or a visitor looking to see more of the city.

Plan Your Visit

The farmers market in Longmont is open every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. It’s seasonal, usually running between April and November and closing up for the winter months. You can check the website for a list of this year’s vendors, as well as other details about visiting.

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