Things to do in Longmont: Longmont Museum

Immerse Yourself in Local History and Culture

At the Longmont Museum, you can explore the culture and history of Northern Colorado. It welcomes all ages to discover new ideas with exhibitions, programs, and events. The Longmont Museum is more than just a museum. It’s a cultural center where you can participate in activities and events, meet other members of the community, and immerse yourself in the cultural and social life of Longmont. The museum celebrates the multiculturalism and inclusivity of Longmont, as the city welcomes many cultures and customs. The museum’s mission is to make everyone feel like they belong in Longmont, no matter who they are. It’s a must for Longmont locals and visitors.

Longmont Museum

History of Longmont Museum

The Longmont Museum has a long and storied history stretching back to 1936 when it was founded. The first exhibitions opened to the public in 1940. In the nine decades since its inception, the museum has moved locations a few times, until it finally came to its Quail Road location in 1999. Longmont Museum also became a department within the City of Longmont in 1970, meaning the city’s residents have more of a say in how it’s run and any improvements to it. The latest addition to the museum came in the form of Stewart Auditorium in 2015, providing a 250-seat auditorium space.

Exhibitions and Events at Longmont Museum

The exhibitions at the museum focus on culture and history in Northern Colorado. You can learn about Longmont and public art, life on the Front Range throughout history, or even learn how 19th-century homesteaders built their houses through a hands-on activity. In addition to the exhibitions, you can peruse the museum’s historic collections of photos, document archives, and even go on a virtual tour.

The Longmont Museum also hosts concerts, film showings, and holiday events on a regular basis. You can check the schedule for each to see when they’re happening. If the museum’s exhibitions and events aren’t enough to tempt you, then maybe you can attend one of the educational programs. There are kids’ and adults’ classes put on every week.

Plan Your Visit

Longmont Museum is located at 400 Quail Road, Longmont, CO 80501. It’s just off of Main Street, near the heart of Longmont. It’s open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on Sundays when it opens at 1:00 pm. The admission fee is $8 for adults, $5 for students and seniors, and free for kids under 3 and museum members.

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