Things to do in Longmont: Rabbit Mountain Open Space

Get Closer to Nature at Rabbit Mountain Open Space in Longmont, CO

The Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain Open Space is a short, 20-minute drive from central Longmont and the perfect place to escape to nature. Many Longmont residents and locals from the surrounding areas head to these foothills in Boulder County for hiking, biking, picnicking, and scenic views. There’s also plenty of wildlife to discover at Rabbit Mountain. It’s no wonder this nature preserve is a local favorite in Longmont.

Rabbit Mountain Open Space

The Trails at Rabbit Mountain

Rabbit Mountain Open Space has three trails for walking, biking, walking your dog, or riding your horse:

  • Eagle Wind Trail: 2.5 miles and moderate
  • Indian Mesa Trail: 2.2 miles and easy
  • Little Thompson Overlook Trail: 1.5 miles and moderate

All the trails are kept up well and because they vary in difficulty, hikers can find one they enjoy no matter their experience level. You’re also sure to see lots of wildlife while on the Rabbit Mountain trails, including grasshoppers, raptors, songbirds, black bears, bobcats, elk, rock squirrels, cliff swallows, ravens, golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, and more. The area is also abundant in several types of wildflowers. There are no camping facilities at the Ron Stewart Preserve, but there are plenty of spots for a picnic or take a rest from walking and biking.

Rabbit Mountain History

Rabbit Mountain has been fascinating locals with its abundance and serenity for a long time. It was the winter site of the Arapaho Native Americans because it offered shelter from strong winds and plenty of edible plants, drinkable water, and game to hunt. In the 19th century, the area’s first homesteaders arrived, hoping to find gold and make their fortunes. When they didn’t find any gold, they relied on Rabbit Mountain’s natural abundance and took up farming and agricultural activities instead. The arrival of the homesteaders in this area unfortunately displaced the Arapaho who had previously called it home.

In 1984, the granddaughter of the land’s owner, Jack Moomaw, sold Rabbit Mountain to Boulder County so it could be preserved in its natural state. It’s now open for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit

The Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain Open Space is open every day from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and is a great way to spend the day in Longmont, CO. Hours might differ for holidays, so be sure to check in advance. There’s a parking lot at the edge of the preserve where all three trails start.

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